• 100% animal cruelty free
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Smooth & healthy lips all day
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One balm is great, more balms are better!

Making a choice is hard, so we help you with our predefined packs. Plus, you get an extra discount on these packs.

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5 reasons for Honeybalm
Our journey began with a simple wish - to find a natural solution for dry lips.
  • 01
    Relieve your lips 👄
    Your lips deserve relief, so you don’t experience any irritation.
  • 02
    Protect your lips 🔒
    We protect your lips with our SPF25 ingredient.
  • 03
    Soft lips ☁️
    Nobody wants chapped lips, so we promise soft lips!
  • 04
    Lovely flavours 💛
    Our 4 SPF flavours are loved by 99% of our community.
  • 05
    Natural ingredients 🐼
    All of our lip balms are made with real, organic ingredients.
Real shiny results
Our results speak for themselves, and we are very proud of them!
  • 98% lip protection 🔒
    With our formula, we protect your lips by 98%.
  • 99% likes our flavours 😋
    Our community enjoys our flavours, at least 99% of them.
  • 100% cruelty free 🐼
    Our products are 100% animal cruelty-free.
The science behind Honeybalm

Some of our special ingredients

  • Propoplis

    Propolis is a natural remedy for treating wounds and skin problems. It is produced by bees and is known for its medicinal properties.

  • Beeswax

    Our main ingredient is beeswax, produced by our honey bees. Beeswax prevents your lips from feeling dry.

  • Vitamin E

    Our lip balms contain tocoferol, which is a difficult name for cosmetic Vitamin E.

Honeybalm in use...


Still curious? See our most commonly asked questions.

Yes, every balm contains an applicator.

Normal and ordinary lip balms are made with a lot of chemicals that are bad for your lips. Honeybalm is made with real, organic ingredients such as bee wax and propolis. This gives your lips a hydrating and protection base, straight from mother nature. Honeybalm keeps your lips soft, hydrated, protected and beautiful 💛

All of our flavours contain propolis and bee wax, and some of our newest flavours also contain extra organic ingredients such as strawberry extracts or cacao butter.

Yes, we are proud to say that Honeybalm is 100% cruelty free!

You can take the honey applicator out of the lid, and gently dip the honey applicator into the lip balm. With the lip balm on the honey applicator, carefully touch the honey applicator to your lips. Starting from the center of your lips, glide the honey applicator towards the corners of your mouth. You can also apply the lip balm to your lower lip and press your lips together to distribute it evenly.