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Frequently asked questions
Welcome to our FAQ page – where some of our most asked questions about Honeybalm and our business are answered. Here, we've compiled a comprehensive collection of answers to address your queries, making your experience with our products and brand as smooth as our lip balms.

If your question is not listed here, please contact us at info@honeybalm.co.uk and our support team will answer your question(s) within 24 hours.

Usage and benefits

You can take the honey applicator out of the lid, and gently dip the honey applicator into the lip balm. With the lip balm on the honey applicator, carefully touch the honey applicator to your lips. Starting from the center of your lips, glide the honey applicator towards the corners of your mouth. You can also apply the lip balm to your lower lip and press your lips together to distribute it evenly.

The Honeybalm honey applicator is not only super cute, but also super useful. It's more hygienic than using your finger to apply the balm, perfect for girls with long nails and it's helps applying the balm evenly on your lips.

All of our lip balms are made with real, organic ingredients. Please check our ingredients page for all the ingredients we use for each flavour.

Normal and ordinary lip balms are made with a lot of chemicals that are bad for your lips. Honeybalm is made with real, organic ingredients such as bee wax and propolis. This gives your lips a hydrating and protection base, straight from mother nature. Honeybalm keeps your lips soft, hydrated, protected and beautiful 💛

All of our flavours contain propolis and bee wax, and some of our newest flavours also contain extra organic ingredients such as strawberry extracts or cacao butter. For more detailed information about our ingredients, click here.

Honeybalm is suitable for all lip types and is super effective against dry and chapped lips.

Yes, you definitely can! Most of our customers use Honeybalm combined with their lipstick or lipgloss, but you can also apply it without any other lip cosmetics. You can even use Honeybalm as an overnight lip mask!

Yes, we are proud to say that Honeybalm is 100% cruelty free!

For the best results, we recommend to use Honeybalm multiple times throughout the day, to always keep your lips soft, smooth, hydrated and protected. Some of our customers use Honeybalm once a day and it gives them great results anyway!

Every flavor Honeybalm lip balm is made with different natural ingredients, each giving you the wonderful result that you wish for. Please check out our ingredients page for specific information and more details about the ingredients in each flavor.

Yes, you definitely can! Using Honeybalm as an overnight lip treatment can help restoring and repairing your lips during your sleep, which gives you beautiful soft and hydrated lips the next morning.

No, we would not recommend using Honeybalm when you have a honey allergy, since most of our flavours contain real honey and/or propolis.

Shipping and delivery

At Honeybalm, we understand that receiving your order in a timely manner is important to you, and we strive to ship out all orders as quickly as possible. On average, it takes around 6-10 working days to deliver your parcel after it has been placed 🚚

Our delivery time is the same for all regions in UK. The average delivery time is 5-9 days from the day you place your order.

24-48 hours after placing your order, you will receive a tracking number that allows you to follow your parcel. We are currently integrating a tracking system on the website, which will be live by the end of August.

We currently do not offer express shipping options for faster delivery. However, we are planning to open a fulfilment center in UK soon. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive weekly updates on new features and try-outs.

Yes! You will receive a tracking number 24-48 hours after placing your order through e-mail or phone, depending on your information provided when placing your order.

We do! Honeybalm offers FREE shipping on orders above £23.95. If your total order amount is below than this, the shipping cost will be £3.95.

When you entered a wrong shipping address or if you want to change your shipping address, please send us an e-mail at info@honeybalm.co.uk. If your order is not yet shipped, we can change it. If not, we forward the information to our shipping partners and they will change the shipping address if they are able to.

On busy periods we can experience some slight delays. We will update you if any delays occur. If you experience any unexpected delay(s), please reach out to us at info@honeybalm.co.uk, and our team will help you and compensate you accordingly!

Returns and refunds

For our full returns and refunds policy, please check out this page.

You can return your Honeybalm order up to 30 days after receiving your order. Please check out our return page for more details.

If you are not satisfied with your products or if you received damaged products, please reach out to us at info@honeybalm.co.uk so our team can help you accordingly.

If you received different balms then excpected, please reach out to our team at info@honeybalm.co.uk and they will help you further!

Collaborations and parnterships

Yes we certainly do! If you are an influencer, blogger or promotor, you can always send an e-mail to info@honeybalm.co.uk. Please check out our B2B page for business enquiries.

You can always pitch your idea, collaboration or proposal to us by sending an e-mail to info@honeybalm.co.uk.

Yes, you can! Please check out our detailed B2B page for more information about reselling and partnerships.

Yes! You can reach our team at info@honeybalm.co.uk.

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